Main Applications of Quick Release Pins

Quick release pins are mainly used for quick connection and hook-up parts. In the Chinese market, Mingxin mold parts are common customers engaged in speaker manufacturing, airport ground facility manufacturing, fixture manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, rapid bridge paving, OEM equipment manufacturing, etc. .

It has super radial shear resistance and is used in the connection of key parts, which is a reliable guarantee for equipment safety.

  1. Automatic anti-loosening. Press the button on the handle to retract the steel ball at the head of the pin body. At this time, the quick-pull pin, quick-release pin, self-locking pin, quick-lock pin, steel ball pin, and safety lock pin can be removed. through the pin hole;
  2. When the button is released, the steel ball pops up, and the quick pull pin, quick release pin, self-locking pin, quick lock pin, steel ball pin, and safety lock pin cannot be pulled out from the pin hole;
  3. High precision, strict tolerance requirements for pin body diameter and clamping length;
  4. The scope of application covers a wide range, and stainless steel and high-strength alloy steel materials can be selected according to the use environment;
  5. Various handle types such as L type, T type, Button type and Ring type can be selected according to the space condition of the handle part.

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